Office at home for Payday Loans/Check Cashing. Let Me Know More

Office at home for Payday Loans/Check Cashing. Let Me Know More

ACH Interface for Home Business Office

Experience. Effectiveness. Control. Actionable Reports.

Multi-site operators will relish the convenience and information consolidation features provided by the best home business office System (HOS).

The best home business office System makes use of the net to place the charged energy of real information in the hands when you want it. Data is stored at each and every location along with a protected location off premise. The HOS can be acquired being an on-premise or remote (Ideal web Hosting) system. Data retrieval by shop, region, or business wide. Immediate protection against numerous improvements. Redundant information back-up protects against loss. The machine provides protected information transmission. Tall speed net connection is necessary.

Everything you have

  • Consolidated shop reporting
  • Auditor permits check review from your home office*
  • Fast customer inquiry
  • Power to manage shop worker information
  • Centralized Collections*
  • Accounting Export to QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS*
  • Capability to manage shop parameters
  • Central Database Inquiry System*
  • Centralized ACH processing*
  • Manage and procedure came back checks

The Central Database Inquiry System (CDIS) is software module that enables numerous places to gain access to a main database of clients. These inquires are done in real-time through the internet. Whenever a client is trying to process a deal, your staff will instantly know if they usually have done company at another location and when therefore, their status. This stops multiple loans or cashing multiple bad checks when it comes to exact same client. The device not merely tracks consumer task, in addition tracks check manufacturer task. All of your other locations will be alerted if you cash a bad payroll check from an employer. Tall speed net connection is necessary.


This computer computer software module was created to enable client checks prepared after all business places become audited from the location that is central. Using the check image and look information supplied towards the true home workplace from a Magtek check imager, you’ll review and audit checks from places in a few minutes to be prepared. This may save your self extralend loans hours time, deter worker theft, and ensure consistency.

You establish the criteria utilized through the review and discover what exactly is appropriate and what’s not.

The machine creates exclusion reports that could be distributed to auditors on the go to research onsite if needed. Did somebody aesthetically audit every check prepared in your business yesterday? Just how long could it be before your industry auditor helps it be to any or all locations and accomplishes this task? Allow the Auditor help save you money and time.


This computer computer software module permits centralized number of bad financial obligation in the home business office. It could be utilized as being a standalone element of the home business office or perhaps in combination with Collector Workstation Plus installed at shop degree. This technique permits users to designate collection records to employees that are specific on requirements you choose. There is the capability to set artistic and sound alerts to remind users of scheduled calls to be produced. The machine will additionally monitor the collection performance of one’s staff. Whenever found in combination with Collector Workstation Plus at store degree, the shop workers may work a poor financial obligation item for a group time period then the product maybe moved and assigned to collection workers your own house workplace or collection agency that is outside.

ACH Program

The interface is allowed by this software module of electronic drafts of consumer bank records to accelerate income.

This technique are handled at shop degree or centrally handled through the true home workplace. A free account with Advantage Payment techniques is necessary with this module. Advantage is just a 3rd party processor for ACH deals. Utilization of this module eliminates entry that is double of information and eliminates the likelihood of mistakes. The user interface will communicate details about the electronic debit of customer’s account that is checking any negative information gotten after a product was submitted such as for example NSF or Account Closed status. The device will immediately update consumer documents.

This usage of ACH is a huge device in operating any pay day loan procedure. From initial deposit to collections task, you may collect more debt, clear delinquent reports and spend less on bank service fees. No lender that is payday run without one. To learn more about Advantage Payment techniques see their site or call 1-888-718-6767.

Extra Hardware needed: always check Reader/Scanner Further Service required: Account with Advantage Payment techniques

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